Saturday, February 21, 2009

A survey !

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1. Who is more important, friends or girlfriend/boyfriend??

College doesn't starts at 0730!!

1. A time in subject class when I felt good about myself.
- None ! I never felt good about myself ! Perhaps, I have to try harder !

2. A time in subject class I felt embarrassed about my lack of English.
- Of course during my English class. Everytime when Ms Chan asking me questions those needed long answer. I lack of confidence !

3. A task I found very hard and why.
- So far so good ~

4. My thoughts about homeworks, quizzes or tests.
- Homeworks : Make me crazy !
- Quizzes : Practice make perfect ! Reminisce what I've learned !
- Tests : Tests are exam !

5. How college is different from secondary school.
- College doesn't starts at 0730 !!x)


Last Friday, I've been to Klang doing some shooting for my English's assignment. I went there with my three others friends, Gary, Tony and Ammani. That was my first time I reached Klang. I never been there before. Before this, I really don't have any ideas how is Klang looked likes, but now I really have a clear view of Klang. Klang is a busy town with lots of people and its small roads are full with cars. We then stopped at Klang river and did some shooting there. My goodness,what can I say about Klang river is that the river is very very dirty, lots of rubbish flowing down the Klang river and the water is looked likes "teh ais !". No wonder why Klang river is famous in Malaysia. People can get their "teh ais" for free !(if they want to suicide) haha !x)