Thursday, April 16, 2009

an hours,,

It's 0745 when i start typing this. It has been such a long long time;posting the last post and wake up in the morning with the sounds of crows. A very beautiful friday morning in penang, not like my morning before. Luckily my physics class today was canceled so I can be here. A 4 hours journey last night from KL wasn't tiring me as the excitement that I felt was above everything. Now, everything is gone. I just want to enjoy my usual life that I used to when I was here before. Trying to catch back every single moment that I experience as a penangite before. Perhaps, I'm missing penang. Missing everything here, the food, the sea, the air, and also the people here:). Hmm, since today is Friday, so nothing much I can do. Only tomorrow I will fill up my every second with all the enjoyable fantastic things that I missed so much. hahaha..By the way, today is Adi's birhtday and maybe some other friends that I don't know. Happy birhtday and may god bless u guys.

0820 hours
I hear a sound from a garbage lorry doing their daily routine collecting rubbish. Something that I can't hear in 71, BU 6/2 morning's.

0825 hours
beep beep beep....My brother's handphone's alarm ringing waking him up for working.

0830 hours
Having my bath...

0840 hours
Just finished bathing. Breakfast time.

0845 hours
The laziness comes. Publishing my post.