Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fantastic !

At first, they were just moving underground.Not many Malaysian knew them.But,since last few years, their popularity increased tremendously and recently, one of them had won the most prestigious award for Malaysian artists. It was unpredictable. They were competing with the others who was much more senior than them in the local music industry and they managed to beat all of them and took away the Juara Lagu award! Prior to that,they also had won the Pop Rock category.They were Meet Uncle Hussain ! One of the local indie bands ! Featuring Lan (vocalist/guitarist), Taja (Backup vocal/guitarist), Afat (bass/backup vocal) and Bakri (drummer). Their performance that night was very energetic and impressived! Congratulation to them for winning the awards. Please support our local music scene.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Slippers

Part 1 :
It was a day just before Ramadhan,a fasting month in our Muslim calendar. I followed my friend, i will introduce him as Mr Z, went to his big and beauty house somewhere in Damansara. I stayed there until night before i went back to my house in BU 6. We went to the mosque near to his house to perform Maghrib prayer and our first Terawih prayer,which we pray only during the Ramadhan nights.
After that, we were bout to go back home and I noticed that my new sandal was missing ! "Dang baby ! Who stole my sandal ??!!" sigh. I keep searching for it but still cannot find it. Then we went back home. Luckily we did not have to walk home coz we went there by car. If not I had to walk home barefooted.
Next,we did not went straight to BU instead, we planned with the other friends to meet at Damansara Uptown. Went there shopping for a new slipper.

Part 2 :
Now it was the first day of Ramadhan. Once again i went to a mosque nearby my house in BU for Maghrib and Terawih. And my bad luck was still with me. I lost my new slipper once again ! Somebody had stole my new slipper ! arghhh !!what a bad luck ! I just wore it not even for 24 hours ! Yet I was still a nice guy.I did not steal others' slipper. I went home barefooted,full of frustration. Luckily I still got my old slipper at home. So I just wore it before i bought a new slipper once more again !

Part 3 :
Days passed by. 2009 study session started. Just 2 weeks after that, the same case repeated. But now it happened at my home in BU 6. My slipper had been stole for the third time ! Dang baby !
I can't believe it !! My slipper was being stole at my home ! !@#!@#*"#$@ !

Part 4 :
A week after that,at my college. my friends and I were walking to the cafeteria for our lunch. We were just finished our class. One of my friends,Mr A,suddenly asked me "Oit,slipper ko kene curi ke ??". "Yeap," I answered. "Slipper ko cmne ?Ni bkn slipper ko ke ??" he asked again while showing the slipper to me. I looked at it. Wtf ! Its mine ! Dang baby ! (only God knows what happened next) x)

p/s : Do not steal your friends' slipper !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Behind the scene...

Hey ! i can't believe it ! Finally i have my own blog !dats mean i'm a blogger ! (yeah ! i'm proud of myself!x) haha ). First of all,welcome to my blog and thanks for reading my post(s).actually i've been planning this for a long time before but since i am a busy boy so i don't have time for it.(hey fid!u r cheating!it's not the reason!it's because u r lazy!haha ;p kantoi....) btw,thanks a lot Ms Chan !!x)