Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fantastic !

At first, they were just moving underground.Not many Malaysian knew them.But,since last few years, their popularity increased tremendously and recently, one of them had won the most prestigious award for Malaysian artists. It was unpredictable. They were competing with the others who was much more senior than them in the local music industry and they managed to beat all of them and took away the Juara Lagu award! Prior to that,they also had won the Pop Rock category.They were Meet Uncle Hussain ! One of the local indie bands ! Featuring Lan (vocalist/guitarist), Taja (Backup vocal/guitarist), Afat (bass/backup vocal) and Bakri (drummer). Their performance that night was very energetic and impressived! Congratulation to them for winning the awards. Please support our local music scene.


  1. knn ccb how did u put that content warning thingy be4 accessing ur blog