Monday, June 22, 2009

The Last Hope

I was once the sun,
Who's very proud of himself,
When lilies and morning glories,
Were all waiting for my shine,
Wanted to show their passion to,
Who for them was lovely and temperate

But now,as the time walks by,
My fire slowly faded,leaving dust and ashes behind,
Holes and mountains are all over the place,
Turning me to the moon
When I show up,there are no more lilies and morning glories,
All i do now is just looking at the empty space

But,some people do still love me,
However,it is just a long distance love,
Where all they see
Is just a shining diamond at the open space,
When they come closer,beauty is the hardest thing to say,
All i can do now is just hoping to be the sun once again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Euthanasia is a new continent???

i was given a task recently.needed me to give a speech about euthanasia:should/shouldn't be legalized in Australia ?
it was an interesting topic.i never heard the word euthanasia before and i though euthanasia is a new continent,like asia.huhu
but i was wrong.
euthanasia is actually a contoversy topic that is being debated all around the world.
many of my classmates are against it.i wondering y there are against it. many of them are against it because it's against many religions in this world. yea i agree with that point.however, if we have a closer look at australia, there are lots of ppl who has no religion in there and though they have belief in any religion, but are they a good practitioners ?always obey what their religion taught.
i don't think so.
so, why are we relating it to it's against religions' belief ?
furthermore, they also said that the doctors may misuse this.
but, if we want to legalize it, we should create conditions to be ful-filled by the doctors or patients before they can request for euthanasia. if one of those conditions cannot be fulfilled,then don't kill those patients. if they did so, then actions must be taken on them. we must not let them simply kill their patients.
besides, is the word legalize has the same meaning with compulsory ??
it's not !
we just legalize euthanasia so that those people who are terminially ill, those that can't stand the pain have choice either to live in pain or die painless.
we are not legalizing euthanasia so that every people in this world who are terminially ill must opt for euthanasia. they have they choice now.
so, why we go against euthanasia? it is just another option for us.
don't choose if u don't like. we still hold the right,either to live or die.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

an hours,,

It's 0745 when i start typing this. It has been such a long long time;posting the last post and wake up in the morning with the sounds of crows. A very beautiful friday morning in penang, not like my morning before. Luckily my physics class today was canceled so I can be here. A 4 hours journey last night from KL wasn't tiring me as the excitement that I felt was above everything. Now, everything is gone. I just want to enjoy my usual life that I used to when I was here before. Trying to catch back every single moment that I experience as a penangite before. Perhaps, I'm missing penang. Missing everything here, the food, the sea, the air, and also the people here:). Hmm, since today is Friday, so nothing much I can do. Only tomorrow I will fill up my every second with all the enjoyable fantastic things that I missed so much. hahaha..By the way, today is Adi's birhtday and maybe some other friends that I don't know. Happy birhtday and may god bless u guys.

0820 hours
I hear a sound from a garbage lorry doing their daily routine collecting rubbish. Something that I can't hear in 71, BU 6/2 morning's.

0825 hours
beep beep beep....My brother's handphone's alarm ringing waking him up for working.

0830 hours
Having my bath...

0840 hours
Just finished bathing. Breakfast time.

0845 hours
The laziness comes. Publishing my post.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A survey !

Don't just look ! Please leave your comment !

1. Who is more important, friends or girlfriend/boyfriend??

College doesn't starts at 0730!!

1. A time in subject class when I felt good about myself.
- None ! I never felt good about myself ! Perhaps, I have to try harder !

2. A time in subject class I felt embarrassed about my lack of English.
- Of course during my English class. Everytime when Ms Chan asking me questions those needed long answer. I lack of confidence !

3. A task I found very hard and why.
- So far so good ~

4. My thoughts about homeworks, quizzes or tests.
- Homeworks : Make me crazy !
- Quizzes : Practice make perfect ! Reminisce what I've learned !
- Tests : Tests are exam !

5. How college is different from secondary school.
- College doesn't starts at 0730 !!x)


Last Friday, I've been to Klang doing some shooting for my English's assignment. I went there with my three others friends, Gary, Tony and Ammani. That was my first time I reached Klang. I never been there before. Before this, I really don't have any ideas how is Klang looked likes, but now I really have a clear view of Klang. Klang is a busy town with lots of people and its small roads are full with cars. We then stopped at Klang river and did some shooting there. My goodness,what can I say about Klang river is that the river is very very dirty, lots of rubbish flowing down the Klang river and the water is looked likes "teh ais !". No wonder why Klang river is famous in Malaysia. People can get their "teh ais" for free !(if they want to suicide) haha !x)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fantastic !

At first, they were just moving underground.Not many Malaysian knew them.But,since last few years, their popularity increased tremendously and recently, one of them had won the most prestigious award for Malaysian artists. It was unpredictable. They were competing with the others who was much more senior than them in the local music industry and they managed to beat all of them and took away the Juara Lagu award! Prior to that,they also had won the Pop Rock category.They were Meet Uncle Hussain ! One of the local indie bands ! Featuring Lan (vocalist/guitarist), Taja (Backup vocal/guitarist), Afat (bass/backup vocal) and Bakri (drummer). Their performance that night was very energetic and impressived! Congratulation to them for winning the awards. Please support our local music scene.