Monday, June 22, 2009

The Last Hope

I was once the sun,
Who's very proud of himself,
When lilies and morning glories,
Were all waiting for my shine,
Wanted to show their passion to,
Who for them was lovely and temperate

But now,as the time walks by,
My fire slowly faded,leaving dust and ashes behind,
Holes and mountains are all over the place,
Turning me to the moon
When I show up,there are no more lilies and morning glories,
All i do now is just looking at the empty space

But,some people do still love me,
However,it is just a long distance love,
Where all they see
Is just a shining diamond at the open space,
When they come closer,beauty is the hardest thing to say,
All i can do now is just hoping to be the sun once again.

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