Sunday, May 24, 2009

Euthanasia is a new continent???

i was given a task recently.needed me to give a speech about euthanasia:should/shouldn't be legalized in Australia ?
it was an interesting topic.i never heard the word euthanasia before and i though euthanasia is a new continent,like asia.huhu
but i was wrong.
euthanasia is actually a contoversy topic that is being debated all around the world.
many of my classmates are against it.i wondering y there are against it. many of them are against it because it's against many religions in this world. yea i agree with that point.however, if we have a closer look at australia, there are lots of ppl who has no religion in there and though they have belief in any religion, but are they a good practitioners ?always obey what their religion taught.
i don't think so.
so, why are we relating it to it's against religions' belief ?
furthermore, they also said that the doctors may misuse this.
but, if we want to legalize it, we should create conditions to be ful-filled by the doctors or patients before they can request for euthanasia. if one of those conditions cannot be fulfilled,then don't kill those patients. if they did so, then actions must be taken on them. we must not let them simply kill their patients.
besides, is the word legalize has the same meaning with compulsory ??
it's not !
we just legalize euthanasia so that those people who are terminially ill, those that can't stand the pain have choice either to live in pain or die painless.
we are not legalizing euthanasia so that every people in this world who are terminially ill must opt for euthanasia. they have they choice now.
so, why we go against euthanasia? it is just another option for us.
don't choose if u don't like. we still hold the right,either to live or die.